Scaling HDFS at Xiaomi

Scaling HDFS at Xiaomi

Thursday, May 23
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Marquis Salon 10

Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company, it sells more than 100 million smartphones worldwide in 2018, and also owns one of the world's largest IoT device platforms. Xiaomi builds dozens of mobile apps and Internet services based on intelligent devices, including Ads, news feeds, finance service, game, music, video, personal cloud service and so on. The rapid growth of business results in exponential growth of the data analytics infrastructure. The amount of data has roared more than 20 times in the past 3 years, which renders us big challenges on the HDFS scalability

In this talk, we introduce how we scale HDFS to support hundreds of PB data with thousands nodes:
1. How Xiaomi use Hadoop and the characteristic of our usage
2. We made HDFS federation cluster to be used like a single cluster, most applications don't need to change any code to migrate from a single cluster to a federation cluster. Our works include a wrapper FileSystem compatible with DistributedFileSystem, supporting rename among different name spaces and zookeeper-based mount table renewer.
3. Experience of tuning NameNode to improve scalability
4. How to maintain hundreds of HDFS clusters and the optimization we did on client-side to make user and programs access these clusters easily with high performance

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Chen Zhang
Senior Software Engineer
Xiaomi Inc.
Leader of HDFS/ZooKeeper project at Xiaomi, focus on distributed filesystem. 6 years experience on large scale distributed storage system