Event-Driven Messaging and Actions using Apache Flink and Apache NiFi

Event-Driven Messaging and Actions using Apache Flink and Apache NiFi

Thursday, May 23
11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
Marquis Salon 7

At Comcast, our team has been architecting a customer experience platform which is able to react to near-real-time events and interactions and deliver appropriate and timely communications to customers. By combining the low latency capabilities of Apache Flink and the dataflow capabilities of Apache NiFi we are able to process events at high volume to trigger, enrich, filter, and act/communicate to enhance customer experiences. Apache Flink and Apache NiFi complement each other with their strengths in event streaming and correlation, state management, command-and-control, parallelism, development methodology, and interoperability with surrounding technologies. We will trace our journey from starting with Apache NiFi over three years ago and our more recent introduction of Apache Flink into our platform stack to handle more complex scenarios. In this presentation we will compare and contrast which business and technical use cases are best suited to which platform and explore different ways to integrate the two platforms into a single solution.

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Dave Torok
Distinguished Architect
Comcast Corporation
Dave is an Enterprise Software Architect with over twenty-five years of technical leadership in the telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare domains. Dave’s diverse experience ranges from engineering event-based and rule processing systems at “PaaS” (Platform as a Service) scale to building an autonomous-agent workplace simulation engine. At Comcast, Dave is leading the end-to-end ingest, compute, and machine learning pipeline architectures for supporting Customer Experience Big Data applications.