Empowering Population Health: Using Real-Time Analytics at Critical Care Moments

Empowering Population Health: Using Real-Time Analytics at Critical Care Moments

Wednesday, May 22
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Marquis Salon 10

Tackling the Triple Aim for patient populations is a tall order. But data, the cloud, and predictive analytics engines are proving up to the challenge. Two practical case examples demonstrate how this technology offers scalable solutions with measurable impact.

The trio of top challenges at the heart of today’s healthcare industry are formidable. A solution that can simultaneously deliver high quality care, reduce costs and improve population health is one that requires precise alignment of innovative technology, people and processes—characteristics that can be hard to find on their own, much less all in one solution. But workable, scalable solutions that are moving the needle do exist and healthcare providers looking to get in on the action at any level can learn from their examples.

This session explores two real use cases from each end of the technology spectrum: One, a cutting-edge application that combines behavioral science with IoT and real-time big data technologies (Apache Spark, AWS EMR, Apache NiFi, and no-SQL databases); The other, an intervention scheme of care built on data and predictive analytics; both, using real-time data to drive tactical interventions at critical care moments and make measurable improvements in the health and wellness of patient populations.


Paul Boal
VP of Delivery
Amitech Solutions
Paul Boal is a nationally renowned speaker, educator and expert on healthcare information management and analytics solutions. Currently serving as the Vice President of Delivery at Amitech, Paul applies his 15+ years of experience with the development, promotion and implementation of enterprise strategies across a range of information management disciplines to lead the management of the firm’s delivery program, practice growth and maturity, and business development. In addition to his position as an adjunct professor at both Washington University and St. Louis University, Mr. Boal is currently focused on helping healthcare companies adapt to an evolving industry via integrated big data and advanced analytics strategies and solutions, as well as leading the technical direction for Amitech’s IoT Population Health Management platform and Advanced Value-Based Contract Management solutions.