Data HUB: A Modern Architecture for Analytics & AI/ML

The analytics and AI platform widely deployed today have remained fundamentally unchanged since the birth of the Google File System. The premise of moving compute to the data reigned and multiplied our ability to process data. This was true for a decade. Since then networking and storage technologies have increased performance by up to 2 orders of magnitude and application moved from bare metal to VMs to containers. The data shows it’s time to reconsider your analytics and AI infrastructure in order to accelerate time to value.

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Nick Psaki
Principal, Office of the CTO, Pure Storage Federal
Pure Storage
Nick Psaki is the Principal, Office of the CTO for Pure Storage Federal and is based in the Washington, DC area. Nick is Pure Storage's senior technical resource for Federal customers, providing deep technical knowledge of flash storage system architectures that enable business and technological transformation for government enterprises. A 20-year veteran of the United States Army, Nick has extensive experience in designing, developing, deploying and operating information systems for data analysis, sensor integration, and large-scale server virtualization. He was the Intelligence Architectures Chief for the Army G2 (Intelligence), and the Technology and Integration Director for Army G2 Futures Directorate. He has served in multiple peacekeeping and combat operations ranging from the Balkans in the 1990s (Operation Able Sentry VI and Operation Joint Endeavor/Joint Guard) to Iraq and Afghanistan in the post-9/11 era. For the past several years, Nick has been focused on ways in which new and emerging technologies can enable more rapid and cost-efficient analysis of ever-growing bodies of data. Nick's Thought Leadership/Public Examples and links: