How to Nip Data Chaos in the Bud

Imagine that you could:
  • Readily discover, understand and integrate data from across the enterprise, to uncover otherwise hidden trends, anomalies, and predictors of business successes and failures.
  • Easily identify root causes of data problems by tracing who did what to the data in each leg of the data’s journey from ingest to final expiration.
  • Manage access control across the enterprise for PII/sensitive data with “once and only once” policy definition
In this talk, join Barbara Eckman as she describes the progress that her team in Comcast has made toward their big data vision, as well as lessons they've learned from early Big Data mistakes.

Keynote Video


Barbara Eckman
Senior Principal Software Architect
Barbara Eckman is a Senior Principal Software Architect in Customer Experience Technologies at Comcast. She is Lead Architect for data discovery and lineage for a division-wide platform comprising streaming, transforming, storing, governing, and analyzing Big Data. Barbara is also the Lead Metadata Architect for the Comcast Privacy Program, an initiative tackling the challenge of legislation like the California Consumer Privacy Act. Her prior experience includes scientific data and model integration at the Human Genome Project, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and IBM, where she served on the peer-elected IBM Academy of Technology.