Technology and Experience of JBS Group to Support Data Utilization

Technology and Experience of JBS Group to Support Data Utilization

Tuesday, October 16
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

While new and gorgeous technologies such as IoT and AI are drawing attention, stable operation of the big data infrastructure that supports the foundation of the technology is more important than anything.

Since 2013, we have worked on numerous designs and operations of big data infrastructure such as Hadoop etc. I will introduce "troubled" experienced at the actual site, its solution and know-how at the operation site.

Join Kota Ishibashi, Manager of Operation Business Promotion Department as he talks about the technology and experience of JBS Group to support data utilization.

About JBS: JBS always strives to provide top-quality IT systems and information systems with great strategic & practical value that feature cutting-edge technology and deliver overwhelming results. JBS are independent system integrators. They are not bound by any specific vendor or product. Instead, they champion and "customer-first" corporate vision, devoting their full efforts to supporting their customers. They have and will continue to provide IT services meant to be optimal and most beneficial for their customers' needs.


Kota Ishibashi
Manager, Operations Business Promotions Department
2013年から現在まで、JBSグループでHadoopエンジニアとして活動しています。これまで複数のお客様先でHadoop基盤の設計、構築、運用の経験を積む一方、社内でのエンジニア育成を行ってきました。現在は20名のビッグデータエンジニアを率いて、お客様のビッグデータ基盤の安定稼働に尽力しています。 From 2013 to the present, I am working as a Hadoop engineer at the JBS Group. Until now, we have experienced designing, building and operating Hadoop infrastructure at multiple customers, and we have nurtured engineers inside our company. Currently I lead 20 big data engineers and am committed to stable operation of your big data infrastructure.