How to utilize human resources and organization using HDP

How to utilize human resources and organization using HDP

Tuesday, October 16
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Room 401

Introduce the organization to leverage the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and the necessary human resources and skills by introducing HDP deployment as a model case.

About Persol Career:

PERSOL supports all the working people by creating a diverse future for them. Japan’s labor market continues to change rapidly. For the Japanese economy to continue growing, even in the midst of a changing industrial structure, advances in technology and a shrinking labor pool will require an improvement in workforce productivity across society as a whole. We are attempting to address this issue in two ways: by achieving greater diversity in working styles, and by minimizing hiring mismatches.

School, employment, marriage, childbirth, child rearing, caring for elderly family members, retirement: As people move through these stages of life, the way they work also changes to fit their current lifestyles. If we could remove the barriers separating permanent from temporary employment, or full-time from part-time, giving individuals the ability to freely choose the style of working best suited to their respective life stages, we might further expand employment opportunities not only for women and seniors but for all those facing a variety of restrictions. Resolving hiring mismatches is also important to improving workforce productivity.

In addressing this issue, the PERSOL Group is going beyond the framework of the individual services we have provided to date and committing to tackling individual worker and organizational growth.

That commitment is the reason we have brought together the capabilities of our over 80 domestic and overseas companies under the PERSOL name. Each of our Group companies works together to offer one-stop access to a diversity of working styles. We act as a growth partner by assisting individuals in finding work that matches their needs at various points across their lifetime, and by nurturing the potential of all those with the motivation to work hard, offering them greater choices in life. As individuals grow, so do the companies they work for, and our significance lies in our ability to generate this kind of positive cycle.

Our goal is to bring each of these missions to fruition, as we work to become the largest provider in the Asia Pacific region of services that create growth for individuals and organizations. The PERSOL Group will continue to move forward as an indispensable presence in Japan, in society, and around the world, in the hope that we can contribute to establishing a society in which each and every working person can experience what it is like to “Work, and smile.”


Kazuhiko Ieki
Manager, Data Common BITA Group
Persol Career
Joined Persol Career in 2007. After successfully renewing the mission-critical system of dispatched business, Ieki transferred to the IT department to supervise the department. Established methodology to raise project success rate, revision of skill standards, contributed to strength the IT organization. Currently promoting the use of internal data.