Case Study of Hortonworks DataFlow Kafka/Storm for linkage of core systems at Softbank

Case Study of Hortonworks DataFlow Kafka/Storm for linkage of core systems at Softbank

Tuesday, October 16
4:05 PM - 4:50 PM
Room 401

In this session, join Kenichi Sasaki and Hiroshi Maeda as they discuss how Softbank utilizes HortonworksDataFlow Kafka/Storm, the issues they encountered with their implementation, and how they've overcome them.

About Softbank:

Today, technology is transforming societies, industries, and lifestyles around the world. In addition to PCs and smartphones, all manner of new devices are being born, and they are all connecting to the Internet, which is giving rise to explosive increases in data. With improving microprocessor capabilities to process these vast amounts of data and accelerating communication speeds, I believe it is only a matter of time before the arrival of Singularity, a world of “Super-intelligence” where machines surpass human intelligence. In a world like this, all sectors of society and industry will be redefined, ways of doing business and lifestyles will see foundational change and new business opportunities will be created.

Since its founding, the SoftBank Group has sought to use the Information Revolution to contribute to the wellbeing of people and society. The unlimited potential of the Information Revolution should be deployed in the right way so that it brings happiness to humanity. This vision is a driving force for the SoftBank Group as we continue to pursue growth.


Kenichi Sasaki
Platform Development Department, Information Technology Division
Softbank Corp.
In charge of platform development.
紘志 前田
Platform Development Manager, Information Technology Division
In charge of platform development.