A Journey to Big Data: Main Challenges, Solutions, and Benefits

A Journey to Big Data: Main Challenges, Solutions, and Benefits

Tuesday, October 16
5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

One of the most rewarding aspects, when you are chosen as a bank to work with, is having a backend that communicates directly with the client system. For Banco Santander, this has led, over the years, to grow a large constellation of third-party applications running in our bank systems.

To make their day-to-day business more interesting, banking is one of the most regulated sectors. Adapting systems to regulations is not an option but a must. Both internal and external audits are an important part of their day today. In addition, given that SCIB is a global player, this pattern is repeated in each of the countries in which the group has presence.

So, it's an interesting cocktail! Loads of third-party systems, installed across many countries, coexisting with our centralized systems, sending information amongst them, making manual adjustments, aggregations and consolidating data in our back office. Thinking in all this data flowing back and forth remember me the image of a spaghetti dish. More and more, regulators and auditors grow to identify perfectly where each data comes from. This implies in many cases, manual interventions in order to obtain the complete trace of a data.

Come hear Javier Nieto from the Architecture and Innovation Department of the Corporate Investment Banking area at Banco Santander as he discusses Santander’s global big data journey through integration challenges and banking regulations while launching on-demand data lakes.


Javier Nieto Centeno
Innovation & Architecture
Banco Santander
Currently working on Banco Santander at Innovation & Architecture of Corporate Investment Banking. I've been working on Santander Group for the last 13 years. Previously I worked at IDG Communications Spain as IT Manager for 5 years. My main role was the development and improvement of Web strategy of the group. I also wrote more than 20 articles in the publications PC World, Computerworld and Macworld. Computer Degree at Universidad Ponitifica de Salamanca.