Beyond Big Data: Data Science and AI

Data has become the most valuable asset for every enterprise. As businesses undergo data transformation, leading organizations are turning to data science and machine learning to drive more business value out of their data. In this talk, Scott will examine the trends and the key requirements needed to evolve to next-generation analytics and operations.

Delivering Data Science to the Business

Data science holds the promise of transforming businesses and disrupting entire industries. However, many organizations struggle to deploy and scale key technologies such as machine learning and deep learning. IBM will share how it is making data science accessible to all by simplifying the use of a range of open source technologies and data sources, including high performing and open architectures geared for cognitive workloads.

Data-in-Motion Unleashed

See how you can go from zero to live streaming in under 10 minutes.

Diving in the Desert – Running Your HDP Cluster with Helion OpenStack and Sahara

Big Data is a hot topic today for most organisations today as they race to convert vast amounts of data into useful information that can be leveraged to make critical decisions and recommendations in a very limited time windows. Today, there is a widely accepted talent gap when it comes to creating and managing Hadoop cluster, even for the experts – it can take hours (or days) to get a fully functional hadoop farm up and running. The HDP Ambari plugin for Sahara is looking to address most of this challenges by facilitating the deployment of Hortonworks Hadoop clusters and provide a set of open API to facilitate data analytics tasks in your own cloud. In this presentation we will cover why it makes sense to run your data analytics cluster in your cloud and we will demonstrate basic Sahara / Ambari functionality.

Customer Panel