Your Future with AI

Thursday, October 11
4:00 PM - 4:40 PM

In recent years, humans have succeeded in building machines that not only have brains but can also outsmart us. We are no longer dealing with dumb systems anymore, but smart machines that can perceive, reason, act, learn from mistakes and identify patterns from enormous amounts of data that are beyond human capability. This session provides an insight into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it creates a huge impact on us and our future. We will discover how AI changes work processes, the ways we communicate, and the job market of the future for various industries. Join Mr. Seow Khee Wei from Republic Polytechnic as he explores how the field field of Artificial Intelligence is going further than it ever has before as it attempts not just to understand, but also how to build intelligent entities. In his talk, he wall tackle some interesting questions about AI and the impact it can have on today's world--e.g. can AI be weaponised? Can AI end poverty? Can AI perform tasks better than humans?


Khee Wei Seow
Director of Capability and Industry
Republic Polytechnic
Mr. Khee Wei Seow is the Assistant Director of Capability & Industry at the School of Infocomm for Republic Polytechnic in Singapore.