Cyber-I3 System – Intelligence, Incidence, and Investigation-based Big Data Technology

Cyber-I3 System - Intelligence, Incidence, and Investigation-based Big Data Technology

Thursday, October 11
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

Malaysia has a National Cyber Security Policy (NCSP) that consists of 8 thrusts – 1) Effective Governance, 2) Legislative and Regulatory Framework, 3) Cyber Security Technology Framework, 4) Culture of Security and Capacity Building, 5) Research and Development Towards Self Reliance, 6) Compliance and Enforcement, 7) Cyber Security Emergency Readiness, 8) International Cooperation, and CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) has played a role in every each of the thrusts; for example Thrust 7 through our CyberDEF, program. CSM is also the anchor of our national cyber drill headed by the National Security Council (NSC) intended to ensure the effectiveness of all the thrusts and Cyber-l3 System - Intelligence, Incidence, and Investigation Based Big Data Technology, is to further strengthen the operationalization of the NCSP as a whole. It is the aimed of this presentation to share on the project governance, technical issues, and solutions including its progress till to date. Some of the topics that will be covered are Cyber-I3 objectives, incidents in Malaysia, its framework (matrix/system), collaborators, research & development and big data forensics based on honeynet deployment and feeds. Included is the way forward as to ensure this system is successful in order to build and create a secure and resilient cyberspace for Malaysia.


Aswami Ariffin
Senior Vice President, Cyber Security Responsive Services
CyberSecurity Malaysia
Dr. Aswami Ariffin (Dr.AA) is a digital forensics scientist with vast experience in big data, security assurance, threat intelligence, incident response and digital forensics investigation with various law enforcement agencies and provided expert testimonies in court. Due to his immense contribution in cybersecurity, Dr.AA was awarded ISLA - Information Security Leadership Award in 2009 by (ISC)2 USA including commendation letter from the Attorney General's Chambers Malaysia and a certificate of appreciation from the Royal Malaysia Police in 2010. He had also been appointed as an expert referral by the New South Wales Police, Australia and now a member of Interpol Digital Forensics Expert Group. Dr.AA is active in research and one of his papers was accepted for publication in the Advances in Digital Forensics IX. He has secured several large research and development funds from the government to develop digital forensics and cybersecurity capabilities in Malaysia. Dr.AA is highly experienced in software engineering and he is in the midst of developing big data threat intelligence analytics dashboard named “CyberI3”. Currently, Dr.AA is Senior Vice President of Cyber Security Responsive Services at CyberSecurity Malaysia. He provides input on strategic direction, technical leadership, and marketing strategy for Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT), Digital Forensics Department and Secure Technology Services. Dr.AA is regularly consulted by the government, industries, universities, communities, and media on cybersecurity issues, strategies, and operation including invitation as keynote speaker in conferences.