Enabling Data-Driven Business for Utilities Using AI

The utility industry around the world is facing the upcoming disruption from new renewable, digital transformation etc. How to enhance utilities/energy services with the energy related data needs Artificial Intelligence to discover the patterns from data. In this session, I will share some of the work we have done for SP Group to enable data-driven business including better services to customers, more efficient operation, more reliable monitoring of network as well as a better solution for energy management.


Yiqun Hu
Director, Head Data and AI
SP Group
Yiqun Hu is the Director, Head Data and AI for SP Group, where he is responsible for leading the data and AI section on the development of machine learning capabilities for energy and utility applications. Previously, he helped several organizations build data-driven products such as image recognition systems and recommendation engines. Yiqun is the author of 30+ scientific publications in the computer vision and machine learning area, with over 1,600 citations. He holds a Ph.D. on AI from Nanyang Technological University on 2008.