Climbing the AI Ladder

The advent of truly enterprise-grade information architecture means we can now build AI systems for addressing the world’s greatest challenges and opportunities. It starts with the “AI Ladder”, a rubric for understanding the steps toward true AI. What’s needed? Tools that give us the chance to combine good data, the right architecture, speed, open metadata, governance, and security. Join Manuel Corniel, Global Strategic Business Leader, IBM Analytics, for a view of information architecture that’s leading IBM's clients to vital progress with AI. It’s a journey that stretches across unified data access to analytics to machine learning and beyond. With the right pieces in play, clients open new relationships with their customers, new opportunities, new markets, new ways of thinking and behaving.


Manuel Corniel
Global Strategic Business Leader, IBM Analytics
Manuel Corniel Global Strategic Business Leader, IBM Analytics Manuel Corniel is currently the Global Strategic Business Leader, IBM Analytics and is passionate about delivering true value and ROI to clients on both on-premise and cloud data warehouse investments. Prior to this, Manuel had worldwide responsibility for IBM’s hybrid data warehouse and big data appliance business. Manuel has taken on multiple leadership roles with IBM since the acquisition of Informix, including OEM Channel Sales (2003-2004) and WW DB2 Sales (2005-2006). In 2007, Manuel was promoted to WW Informix Sales Leader and in 2010 he took over as WW Sales Leader for Inforsphere Warehouse. He then played a pivotal role for IBM’s Vivisomo acquisition as the BUE in 2012. Prior to his current position, he successfully managed the Industrial Sector business. Among other advanced certifications and coursework, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems from Pace University and Masters in International Business from the University of Miami.