Who changed my data? Need for data governance and provenance in a streaming world

Who changed my data? Need for data governance and provenance in a streaming world

Wednesday, June 20
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Meeting Room 230C

Enterprises have dealt with data governance over the years, but it has been mostly around master data. With the advent of IoT/web/app streams everywhere in the ecosystem surrounding an enterprise, data-in-motion has become a strong force to reckon. Data-in-motion passes through several levels of transformations and augmentation before it becomes data-at-rest. Through this, it is pertinent to preserve the sanctity of such data or at least track the provenance through the various changes. This is very important for a lot of verticals where there are strong regulatory and compliance laws that exist around "who changed what."

This session will go into detail around some specific use cases of how data gets changed, how it can be tracked seamlessly and why this is important for certain verticals. This will be presented in two parts. The first part will cover the industry angle to this and its importance weighed in by several regulatory bodies. The second part will address the technology aspect of it and discuss how companies can leverage Apache Atlas and Ranger in conjunction with NiFi and Kafka to embrace data governance and provenance of their data streams.


Dinesh Chandrasekhar
Dinesh Chandrasekhar is a technology evangelist, a thought leader and a seasoned product marketer with over 24+ years of industry experience. He has an impressive track record of taking new integration/mobile/IoT/Big Data products to market with a clear GTM strategy of pre-and-post launch activities. He has extensive experience working on enterprise software as well as SaaS products delivering sophisticated solutions for customers with complex architectures. His areas of expertise include IoT, Application/Data integration, BPM, Analytics, B2B, API management, Microservices and Mobility. He can articulate detailed use cases across multiple industry verticals like retail, manufacturing, utilities and healthcare. He is a prolific speaker, blogger and a weekend coder. He currently works at Cloudera, managing their Data-in-Motion product line. He is fascinated about new technology trends including blockchain and deep learning.
Paige Bartley
Senior Analyst - Data and Enterprise Intelligence
Paige Bartley is a Senior Analyst in Ovum's Data and Enterprise Intelligence team specializing in all aspects of the data lifecycle including creation, cleansing, security, privacy, and productivity. Working across the information management space, Paige researches how data use affects both large organizations and individuals alike. She provides insight and analysis into data ROI and successful organizational strategy. Paige’s other areas of expertise include, regulatory and legal matters, data quality, unstructured data and NLP, master data and records management, and neuroscience and cognitive science. Prior to joining Ovum in 2016, she worked in research and marketing for ZL Technologies.