What is new in Apache Hive?

What is new in Apache Hive?

Tuesday, June 19
11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
Grand Ballroom 220C

Apache Hive is a rapidly evolving project which continues to enjoy great adoption in big data ecosystem. Although, Hive started primarily as batch ingestion and reporting tool, community is hard at work in improving it along many different dimensions and use cases. This talk will provide an overview of latest and greatest features and optimizations which have landed in project over last year. Materialized view, micro managed tables and workload management are some noteworthy features.

I will deep dive into some optimizations which promise to provide major performance gains. Support for ACID tables has also improved considerably. Although some of these features and enhancements are not novel but have existed for years in other DB systems, implementing them on Hive poses some unique challenges and results in lessons which are generally applicable in many other contexts. I will also provide a glimpse of what is expected to come in near future.

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Ashutosh Chauhan
Engineering Manager
Ashutosh is working in Hive for last 7 years. He works at Hortonworks where his focus is on compiler and optimizer area.