Visualizing Kafka Security

Visualizing Kafka Security

Thursday, June 21
12:20 PM - 1:00 PM
Grand Ballroom 220C

A step-by-step deep dive into Kafka Security world. This presentation covers few most sought-after questions in Streaming / Kafka; like what happens internally when SASL / Kerberos / SSL security is configured, how does various Kafka components interacts with each other. This could be valuable resource for administrators, users & Application developers alike. Having internal Kafka knowledge would help them to configure, manage and use the Kafka systems in a more optimal way with least possible errors / mistakes.

Agenda is to discuss:
- Various Kafka Security model available: PLAINTEXT, SASL_PLAINTEXT, SASL_SSL, PLAINTEXT_SSL and when to use which model
- Anatomy of each Security model: in-depth examination of these models and what happens internally when they are used; with real life examples
- Do's and Don'ts of Kafka Security
- Common Errors & Troubleshooting

This talk will be all about looking under-the-hood with respect to Kafka Security. Suitable for all levels from beginners to expert.

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Vipin Rathor
Sr. Product Specialist (Security)
Hortonworks, Inc.
Sr. Product Specialist at Hortonworks Support. Skilled in Kerberos, SSL, PKI, Cryptography, Linux and Hadoop (Contributor in Apache Zeppelin, Core Hadoop projects to name a few). - Contributing Security related bugs and patches to Apache Zeppelin, Core Hadoop, Apache Atlas - SME for Kerberos, SSL, Apache Ranger, Apache KMS, Apache Knox, Apache Atlas, Apache Zeppelin - Evangelist for Kerberos (+ Security in general) to Customer, Support and Dev. teams