Using NIFI to simplify data flow & streaming use cases @ Mastercard

Using NIFI to simplify data flow & streaming use cases @ Mastercard

Tuesday, June 19
2:50 PM - 3:30 PM
Grand Ballroom 220A

In Mastercard we deal with data movement and transformation issues all the time. Having a data workflow which is multi-tenant, fast , scalable, reliable and easy to use is very important. Apart from moving data , it is also important to process it in real time and take decisions. Our goal is to provide a solution to our internal teams to ingest flat files or auth streams, do transformations and enrichment , power dashboards, detect anomalies ,feed machine learning models and then take complex decisions. Ability to process huge files with varied frequencies as well as streams of thousands transactions per second is must. Teams could use a common service and focus on business problem rather than fixing data flow and management issues. A data workflow coupled with a stream processing engine could solve many of our problems. We are evaluating Apache NIFI along with SAM and adding customization to solve specific use cases. We would talk about all that in this presentation.

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Vishal Anand
Senior Consultant
In my current role I work on various tools & technologies related to big data, monitoring, messaging, streaming analytics, machine learning etc and develop solutions that could be used by multiple teams inside the company. Throughout my career I have helped development teams in creating highly available and scalable solutions and solved problems related to payment fraud, healthcare & customer loyalty.