Supercharge your Nifi environment for data lake management with open source Kylo

Supercharge your Nifi environment for data lake management with open source Kylo

Wednesday, June 20
2:50 PM - 3:30 PM
Executive Ballroom 210A/E

Managing a data lake in a manual manner is an arduous and time consuming task. With the lack of skilled workers and resources IT organizations are hard pressed to manage their data lake environments in an effective manner. Now with Nifi and Kylo companies should worry no more! This presentation will highlight how Nifi with Kylo can help companies rapidly build and manage data lake environments. The presentation will look at how Nifi templates can be created and leveraged within Kylo to build and manage data pipelines into the data lake. It will demonstrate how metadata around the pipelines is created and leveraged for tracking lineage and overall data lake governance. We will also look at the ability of Kylo to enable users to wrangle data within the data lake, as well as provide administrators the ability to set up alerts, define SLA’s and can work in conjunction with Ambari to monitor the data lake environment.

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Matt Laudato
Director of Product Management
Matt Laudato is Director of Product Management at Teradata, where his team focuses on delivering end to end analytics solutions to the Global 500. His product portfolio includes open source tools like Kylo for data lake management, and Presto for fast, interactive queries across multiple data sources. Prior to Teradata, Matt created and ran the Data Science team at Constant Contact, and has held leadership positions in the SaaS, ERP, Telecom and Software Tools industries. His prior employers include Dun and Bradstreet, Openwave, and McKesson. Matt holds degrees in Physics from Stony Brook University and the University of Wisconsin, Madison and lives in Boston, MA.