Security and Governance – Next Generation analytics

Security and Governance - Next Generation analytics

Tuesday, June 19
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Meeting Room 230B


Symcor was formed by 3 of the largest banks in Canada and has, for over 20 years, proven our ability to work effectively in a utility service structure. We are currently a leading business processing and client communications provider in Canada supporting major banks, telecommunications, insurance, and retail companies. We deliver value-added solutions for our clients that enable operational excellence and enhance their customers’ experience. We add value through best-in-class service, offering them the latest technology solutions and digital delivery design thinking capability. Symcor is now on digital transformation journey where we are growing our business in the digital and data services area, by leveraging key strategic partners such as Hortonworks to help us drive innovation, enterprise-grade solutions and data governance. We see our digital and data services offering as one of our key business initiatives as we are see potential with the growth of digital channels. As part of providing these solutions, Symcor has launched a Fraud Platform, leveraging next generation analytics, data governance, security, machine learning as well as advanced Al to provide fraud detection and prevention services to our clients. One key to our success in these areas has been working with leveraging key strategic partners such as Hortonworks.


As a result of the changing landscape to many industries, fraud is a growing problem – accelerating in both the number of incidences and in its complexity. In Canada, we estimate that the total impact of fraud is close to $2 billion – stemming from both losses and cost of operations. These challenges have opened the door for Symcor to offer industry-leading digital and data services to detect and prevent current and emerging fraud. Hortonworks worked with us to transform our service offerings with industry-leading solutions to drive digital and data services. One of our most significant features we developed in the delivery of digital and data services was how we have provided industry-leading data governance and security solutions to protect our clients’ data. To ensure we were doing the right things, Symcor’s Privacy and Data Governance team designed a comprehensive data governance policy to empower the ethical use of data for fraud detection and prevention. Hortonworks was able to provide us with a platform that allowed for the development of industry-leading solutions that allowed us to integrate our comprehensive data governance policies within these technology solutions.

The Platform had to deliver the following items,

•Gain fraud insights from networked data across multiple organizations
•Collaborate with industry peers
•Benefit from industry-leading data governance and security controls
•Easy integration
•Efficiently process Petabytes of data from various data sources.


Thanks to Hortonworks assistance, we were able to deliver the objectives listed above. This solution has helped Symcor enhance its business offerings from a leading business processing provider in Canada, to an industry-leading digital and data services provider with

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Chris Wojdak
Sr. Program\Managing Architect Leader
Symcor Inc
Chris Wojdak, Sr. Program\Managing Architect leading innovation, digital transformation strategies and next generation analytics at Symcor. He has more than 20 years of experience in solutioning and implementing modern, secure and advanced solutions for the financial services industry. He is currently focused on helping customers leverage Machine Learning, IoT and Next Generation Analytics to help detect and prevent fraud as customers move to digital channels. He has also received innovation awards for next generation analytics from Informatica. Chris Wojdak has received a bachelor degree in Technology from the Faculty of engineering at McMaster University.
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