Saving the elephant—now, not later

Saving the elephant—now, not later

Thursday, June 21
10:20 AM - 11:00 AM
Meeting Room 230A

Big data security challenges are bit different from traditional client-server applications and are distributed in nature, introducing unique security vulnerabilities. Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has categorized the different security and privacy challenges into four different aspects of the big data ecosystem. These aspects are infrastructure security, data privacy, data management and, integrity and reactive security. Each of these aspects are further divided into following security challenges:

1. Infrastructure security
a. Secure distributed processing of data
b. Security best practices for non-relational data stores
2. Data privacy
a. Privacy-preserving analytics
b. Cryptographic technologies for big data
c. Granular access control
3. Data management
a. Secure data storage and transaction logs
b. Granular audits
c. Data provenance
4. Integrity and reactive security
a. Endpoint input validation/filtering
b. Real-time security/compliance monitoring

In this talk, we are going to refer above classification and identify existing security controls, best practices, and guidelines. We will also paint a big picture about how collective usage of all discussed security controls (Kerberos, TDE, LDAP, SSO, SSL/TLS, Apache Knox, Apache Ranger, Apache Atlas, Ambari Infra, etc.) can address fundamental security and privacy challenges that encompass the entire Hadoop ecosystem. We will also discuss briefly recent security incidents involving Hadoop systems.

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Krishna Pandey
Staff Software Engineer
An InfoSec Generalist. CISSP. My more than a decade long work experience revolves around all aspects of security mainly Secure-SDLC, Source Code Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing for Web Applications, Architecture Review, Incident Response, ISMS Compliance, Doing and facilitating 3rd Party Audits. Managed multiple Federal Data Center Operations, O/S and Application Hardening, Linux System Administration. Solution Deployment and Integration for Federal and various State Governments. Contributor to Apache Knox, Apache Zeppelin and Apache Spark. Have also years of experience in leading and managing a team for monitoring, securing and ensuring "Availability Round-the-Clock" for National Critical Infrastructure. Solving Brain-Teasing needle-in-haystack production issues (Architecture, Application, System & Network) and incorporating new requirements. Conducting Vulnerability Analysis and analyzing VA reports for suggesting corrective and preventive actions (Hotfixes/ CVEs / Design Change/ Hardening/ Patching /Upgrades) to Engineering and Operations team. Panelist for Big Data Security Work Group. Designing Solution Architecture and Capacity Planning for highly-available applications on Cloud/Data Centre environment.
Kunal Rajguru
Premier Support Enginner
As a Premier Support Engineer at Hortonworks I balance my time between resolving issues as well proactively identifying ways to deflect issues. I have strong troubleshooting experience based on my foundational Linux background and over 4 years of critical enterprise Hadoop support. In addition to troubleshooting, I specialize and have interest in core Security issues revolving around Kerberos, AD/LDAP, SSL/TLS and Identity Management Solutions.