Rogers Communications Enterprise Data Platform Journey & Real Time Operations Dashboard

Rogers Communications Enterprise Data Platform Journey & Real Time Operations Dashboard

Thursday, June 21
10:20 AM - 11:00 AM
Executive Ballroom 210B/F

Rogers Communications Inc. is one of the largest Canadian communications and media companies. Headquartered in Toronto, Rogers Communications is data-driven and determined to understand and improve its customer experience. Rogers uses Apache Hadoop and NiFi to help manage the flow of information between its disparate data sources, and to gain analytical insights from that information, in real-time.

Organizations are struggling to keep up with multiple data platforms and business silos to produce one source of truth. Building an Enterprise Data platform is a journey to collapse organization’s silos and integrate them in a unified enterprise data platform that enables business to get more data insights. Real time operations dashboards are the view of how an organization is performing at any given time. These dashboards enable the business community and executive leadership to make quick and informed decisions to improve customer experience, increase operations capabilities, reduce churn, and provide key performance indictors on the state of the business.


Sandip Shah
Director, Data Management
Rogers Communications
Sandip Shah, Director of Data Management, is responsible for managing the Enterprise Information Systems and Services for Rogers communications. Sandip is strategic leader with over 15 years’ experience in transforming organizations into a true data-as-an-asset mindset and harnessing the database services, Big Data and AI for business insights. Sandip joined the Enterprise IT team of Rogers Communications in 2013 with the responsibility for centralizing all the data across the organization to deliver Enterprise data warehouse and Enterprise Data lake. Sandip’s major role is to Enable Rogers business units; Consumer, Enterprise and Media to provide true data insights and analytics. Collaborative partnerships were built inside and outside the company, which enabled the IT Organization to reduce the operational cost by 45% for data management team i.e roughly 12M+ within 3years. These strategic relationships include product partners like Hortonworks, SAS, Informatica, Microstrategy as well as SI Partners like TCS, Tech M, Cap Gemini to build High-Performance enterprise data warehouse, Big Data Analytics, and Enterprise reporting teams. Prior to Rogers, Sandip was managing Scotiabank’s Enterprise data warehouse and helped the organization to build a financial data warehouse for Marketing and Retail Units. Sandip holds a Master of Computer Engineering degree from Canada and Bachelors degree in Computer science from India;
David Nesarajah
Senior Director, Data Management & Technology
Rogers Communications
David Nesarajah, Senior Director and Head of Data Management & Technology at Rogers Communications, is responsible for managing the Enterprise Information Systems and Services. David, leading a department of over 400 onshore and offshore resources, is a strategic leader with over 20 years of experience in Finance and IT. In David’s current role, he has been promoting data as an asset for decision making and strategic investments. Under David’s leadership, capital intensity in Data Management has nearly doubled in a three year period. David joined the Data Management team with a focus to simplify existing technologies, implement new technologies, and drive improvements in BI delivery. The team pursued an aggressive path to centralize all data across the organization by replatforming systems, reducing data redundancy, and streamlining technologies, leading to a 45% reduction in operating costs over a three year period. Through this journey of simplification the team has driven improved security and access to data to ensure it is treated as a corporate asset. Speed and quality of program delivery has improved by developing strategic partnerships with product partners such as Hortonworks, SAS, Informatica, Microstrategy as well as SI Partners such as TCS, Tech M, Cap Gemini and Adastra. In addition to the technology transformation, David has worked with the business units across the organization to implement automated and self-serve reporting, and advance analytics and modeling capabilities.