Real time facial recognition in drones with an Apache stack

Real time facial recognition in drones with an Apache stack

Wednesday, June 20
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Executive Ballroom 210C/G

Facial recognition in production is difficult because neural networks are slow and expensive to train, and must be re-trained to recognize new faces added to the set. Older approaches which address these issues such as eigenfaces exist don’t scale as they require a matrix decomposition. Apache Mahout offers a distributed singular value decomposition method, which scales to matrices of arbitrary sizes on Apache Spark, making it possible to use the older yet still powerful eigenfaces approach to recognize and add new faces in near real time (with the help of Apache Solr).

In this talk we present a full stack lambda-style facial recognition system. The offline component uses Apache Mahout/ Apache Spark to compute the eigenfaces. The online component leverages Apache Flink to identify faces in an image, decompose the face into a linear combination of the eigenfaces, search for a matching face using SOLR, and if no match is found add the face as a “new face.”


Trevor Grant
Data Scientist and Engineer
Trevor Grant is PMC Member of the Apache Mahout and Apache Streams projects. He is a tinker extraordinaire and does a poor job of documenting his projects on He has an M.S. of Applied Math, a dog, a cat, an M.B.A., and a home in Chicago. He speaks a fair amount at locations internationally, and in general his talks are usually pretty fun.
Scott Cote
Senior Software Engineer
Scott Cote is a data science evangelist and open source promotor who organized DFW Data Science - a 2400+ member user group focused on promoting knowledge sharing, opportunity, and growth for the Dallas/Ft. Worth Community. During the day, he works as a Senior Software Engineer for Lucidworks to help create new features for Fusion Server. Scott is interested in Math, Music, Running, Diabetes (T2D) Management, and making the world a better place.... Follow him on twitter @scottccote and enrich by watching for live stream DFW Data Science presentations by following @dfwdatascience