PayPal merchant ecosystem using Apache Spark, Hive, Druid, and HBase

PayPal merchant ecosystem using Apache Spark, Hive, Druid, and HBase

Tuesday, June 19
4:00 PM - 4:40 PM
Grand Ballroom 220B

As one of the few closed-loop payment platforms, PayPal is uniquely positioned to provide merchants with insights aimed to identify opportunities to help grow and manage their business. PayPal processes billions of data events every day around our users, risk, payments, web behavior and identity. We are motivated to use this data to enable solutions to help our merchants maximize the number of successful transactions (checkout-conversion), better understand who their customers are and find additional opportunities to grow and attract new customers.

As part of the Merchant Data Analytics, we have built a platform that serves low latency, scalable analytics and insights by leveraging some of the established and emerging platforms to best realize returns on the many business objectives at PayPal.

Join us to learn more about how we leveraged platforms and technologies like Spark, Hive, Druid, Elastic Search and HBase to process large scale data for enabling impactful merchant solutions. We’ll share the architecture of our data pipelines, some real dashboards and the challenges involved.

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Kasiviswanathan Natarajan
Member of Technical Staff
PayPal Inc
I have close to 17+ years of experience in various Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence technologies. At PayPal, I am part of the Merchant team working on building analytical solutions on user behavioral data, building algorithms for efficient consumer targeting and building Customer Identification Repository. I am currently focused on Apache Spark, Scala, Hive, HBase and Machine Learning models running on HortonWorks Hadoop platform. I am also one of the founding member at PayPal to use Druid and build analytical solutions on top of terabytes of data utilizing the existing Hadoop environment at PayPal. My areas of Interest are Spark, Hadoop, HBase, Druid, DruidSQL and Machine Learning models. I am also interested in bringing my BI expertise and help build analytical and reporting solutions on top of the Big Data platforms.
Deepika Khera
Senior Manager - Merchant Data Analytics
Deepika is a seasoned Big Data technologist with a passion for delivering applications that move the needle. She’s been hooked into the Big Data space from the early days of Hadoop and has over a decade of expertise building scalable applications with Hadoop Map Reduce, Hive, HBase, Spark, ES and Druid. At PayPal she is currently leading the Merchant Analytics team and pioneering scalable platforms enabling Merchant Insights, Personalization and Business Growth analytics.