Leveraging Hadoop to defend against improvised threats

Leveraging Hadoop to defend against improvised threats

Wednesday, June 20
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Grand Ballroom 220C

This will be a joint presentation with the Chief Technology Officer of Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Joint-Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO), Leonel Garciga, and Hortonworks Public Sector Technical Director, Henry Sowell.

Problem statement: JIDO is responsible for countering improvised threats with tactical responsiveness and rapid solution development and delivery. Like many organizations, JIDO development costs were too high, solution deployments were too slow, and their data was contained in too many silo'd systems.

Solution: JIDO re-evaluated its workforce, re-examined its policies, and began leveraging several enterprise open source technologies (e.g. containerization, Elasticsearch, Apache Hadoop, etc.) and commodity hardware in production to begin rapidly deploying analytic and storage solutions on multiple data streams across diverse networks.

Measureable business benefit / impact: JIDO has seen a 35 percent drop in development costs, an acceleration in time to deployment, and has become an established leader in the public sector in regards to rapid solution deployment.

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Henry Sowell
Technical Director
Henry Sowell is Cloudera Technical Director in the Public Sector. In this capacity, Mr. Sowell leads an engineering group responsible for the technical architecture and engineering of Big Data solutions supporting missions across the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Federal Civilian Government Agencies, and State, Local, and Higher Education institutions, helping improve speed to mission. Prior to joining Cloudera, Mr. Sowell used several technologies, including Apache Hadoop, to protect the nation in support of the FBI’s counterterrorism mission. In addition to supporting the counterterrorism mission, he leveraged these technologies to support cross-division law enforcement advancements with the FBI’s Cyber Division. Mr. Sowell enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2003. He served with distinction as a decorated combat veteran, having earned the Bronze Star with Valor for his actions in Iraq.
Leonel Garciga
JD Chief Technology Officer
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Leo Garciga serves as the Joint Improvided-Threat Defeat Directorate (JD) Chief Technology Officer under the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). In his role, he provides leadership and oversight of Mission Information Technology services and personnel that directly contribute to the implementation of the DTRA mission and its support to the warfighter, Department of Defense (DoD), Combatant Commanders, Coalition partners, the Intelligence & Interagency organizations. Mr. Garciga is also DTRA JD senior information technology advisor, who discovers and rapidly implements new technology and innovation to counter threat networks, improvised threats and improvised explosive devices to support counter-terrorism and counter-insurgencies operations and to prevent battlefield surprise. He advocates and spearheads efforts across DoD, the Intelligence Community, US Government Agencies, academia and industry to integrate a myriad of Research and Development work to rapidly introduce new information technology that provides immediate operational impacts for the warfighter and the nation. His efforts have resulted in continuous enhancements to Catapult, a rapid response data analytic platform, to improve situational awareness to thousands of users. He made JIDO (JD) an early adopter and leader in DoD of the implementation of Secure Dev Ops, which unified security, software development and operations to automate processes for innovation in information technology. He also is key contributor to DoD understanding of the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to future missions. Mr. Garciga has a BA in Mechanical Engineering Technology, is a certified Information Technology professional. He has also served in a variety of roles in DoD, to include active duty service in the US Navy, the Combatant Commands, and the Intelligence Community.