IIoT + Predictive Analytics: Solving for Disruption in Oil & Gas and Energy & Utilities

IIoT + Predictive Analytics: Solving for Disruption in Oil & Gas and Energy & Utilities

Thursday, June 21
9:30 AM - 10:10 AM
Executive Ballroom 210A/E

The electric grid has evolved from linear generation and delivery to a complex mix of renewables, prosumer-generated electricity, and electric vehicles (EVs). Smart meters are generating loads of data. As a result, traditional forecasting models and technologies can no longer adequately predict supply and demand. Extreme weather, an aging infrastructure, and the burgeoning worldwide population are also contributing to increased outage frequency.

In oil and gas, commodity pricing pressures, resulting workforce reductions, and the need to reduce failures, automate workflows, and increase operational efficiencies are driving operators to shift analytics initiatives to advanced data-driven applications to complement physics-based tools.

While sensored equipment and legacy surveillance applications are generating massive amounts of data, just 2% is understood and being leveraged. Operationalizing it along with external datasets enables a shift from time-based to condition-based maintenance, better forecasting and dramatic reductions in unplanned downtime.

The session includes plenty of real-world anecdotes. For example, how an electric power holding company reduced the time it took to investigate energy theft from six months to less than one hour, producing theft leads in minutes and an expected multi-million dollar ROI. How a global offshore contract drilling services provider implemented an open source IIoT solution across its fleet of assets in less than a year, enabling remote monitoring, predictive analytics and maintenance.

Key takeaways:
• How are new processes for data collection, storage and democratization making it accessible and usable at scale?
• Beyond time series data, what other data types are important to assess?
• What advantage are open source technologies providing to enterprises deploying IIoT?
• Why is collaboration important across industrial verticals to increase IIoT open source adoption?

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Kenneth Smith
General Manager, Energy
As the General Manager, Energy, Kenneth is responsible for establishing and leading the execution of a winning go-to-market strategy for Hortonworks in the energy industry. Duties include development of successful thought leadership, and proactively working with Hortonworks sales & product management, prospects, customers, and partners to identify new solutions and industry specific requirements for the energy market. He also ensures appropriate energy industry expertise is provided and leveraged during the sales and solution implementation cycle, and helps develop successful strategies to drive adoption of Hortonworks products and services in the segment. Kenneth has over 15 years of proven success as a sales executive across multiple industries, the last seven spent in the energy sector, through the delivery of high-value propositioned products and solutions, with a track record of developing reciprocal, rewarding relationships with his customers, partners, and colleagues.