Hilton’s enterprise data journey

Hilton's enterprise data journey

Tuesday, June 19
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Meeting Room 211A/B/C/D

Sudhir Menon, Vice President of Enterprise Information Management on Hilton’s innovation/renovation journey to create data as an enterprise asset .The data framework using HortonWorks Hadoop as the platform is the single source and repository for any enterprise-class data for reporting, analytics and data science. To achieve this transformation and levarage data as a true enterprise asset, we focused on a roadmap with 3 major objectives:

• API based delivery of data enabling real-time use
• Decommissioning legacy tools/environments
• Managing the data architecture for all IT investments in a Big Data model with scalability over years

Platform and framework to accomplish this roadmap include:
• Repository of ‘master’ data
• Real-time processing of data for the enterprise
• Best-in-class BI tools to analyze and visualize data
• Data science tools to identify underlying trends in data

We enable travel & hospitality market disruption through data & analytics innovation

We drive Hilton’s performance with actioned, integrated insights, through market-leading, differentiated expertise and continuous innovation.

1. Create an aspirational and unrivaled hospitality Data & Analytics team that attracts the best talent
2. Become a trusted strategic business partner, driving untapped incremental value.
3. Provide timely access to quality data and innovative solutions.


Sudhir Menon
Vice President , Enterprise Information Management
Mr. Menon currently serves as the Vice President of Enterprise Information Management for Hilton. He has responsibility providing strategic direction for data management and business intelligence. He has also held multiple positions within Hilton, ranging from senior architect to director of designing and building OnQ, hospitality’s first integrated platform. Mr. Menon joined Hilton in 1994, prior to which he worked for Tata Consultancy Services supporting numerous commercial clients like General Electric and National Stock Exchange of India. Mr. Menon has a Master’s degree in business administration from University of Memphis and a Master’s in Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology, India.