Fortifying Multi-Cluster Hybrid Cloud Data Lakes using Apache Knox

Fortifying Multi-Cluster Hybrid Cloud Data Lakes using Apache Knox

Tuesday, June 19
2:50 PM - 3:30 PM
Meeting Room 230B

Today enterprises are increasingly leveraging hybrid cloud data lakes while taking advantage of the elastic resources and services available in the public cloud. However, such gains come with risks and challenges in the areas of security and privacy. In this talk, we will cover how an enterprise can use Apache Knox as a secure point of entry into a Multi-cluster hybrid cloud data lakes. We will outline how enterprises can securely test out new big data applications or concepts in the public cloud while protecting their production clusters on-premises. We will show how enterprises can leverage their existing on-premises Active Directory infrastructure for authenticating users trying to access their services in the cloud. Further, we will cover how you can leverage Apache Knox Authorization to thwart an unauthorized access to a multi-cloud and multi-cluster data lake and bring to bear Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on Apache Knox to block a hacker with stolen credentials.

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Kiran Matty
Senior Product Manager
Kiran works a PM for Apache Knox and platform security in the security and governance team at Hortonworks. His past experience has been in data security for Hadoop and Security Analytics domains.
Sandeep More
Sr. Software Engineer
Sandeep More is a committer and PMC member for Apache Knox project and has an extensive experience in the areas of enterprise security, API Management, XML gateways and Tokenization. Previously, he has worked as a security architect and worked on security frameworks for financial institutions. Currently, He works as a part of Hortonworks’ team dedicated to Apache Knox project.