Expand data analysis tool at scale with Zeppelin

Expand data analysis tool at scale with Zeppelin

Wednesday, June 20
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Executive Ballroom 210C/G

Apache Zeppelin is one of the tools to help users and developers enrich their analysis with beautiful visualization without any additional work. But recently, teams and cooperation started to use it as a team and a cooperate tool, and they are suffering. Thus it should be improved to be used in multiple teams and in a cooperation to overcome an individual tool.

I will explain how to configure Apache Zeppelin and its useful interpreters including Spark and JDBC to help multiple users and teams use it simultaneously, and how to adopt LDAP and Kerberos to authenticate and authorize valid users. The presentation also includes a specific example of line case, what to have developed for realizing these use cases, and the feature roadmap to make a more powerful tool in a production level. For a long time, Apache Zeppelin has focused on making a result beautiful, but now, it should do its efforts to make it a more convenient tool by hiding some sophisticated settings and providing easier configuration.


Jongyoul Lee
Software Development Engineer
He is a PMC member of Apache Zeppelin and works at LINE. In Apache Zeppelin, He focuses on stabilizing Apache Zeppelin so that enterprises use it in their production. He develops a new data pipeline at LINE to make a new data platform, and which includes all kind of data produced by LINE and its family app. He is really interested in developing and operating scalable and fault-tolerant application solving mission critical problems.