Democratizing data science Using spark, hive and druid

Tuesday, June 19
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Executive Ballroom 210C/G

MZ is re-inventing how the entire world experiences data via our mobile games division MZ Games Studios, our digital marketing division Cognant, and our live data platform division Satori.
Growing need of data science capabilities across the organization requires an architecture that can democratize building these applications and disseminating insight from the outcome of data science applications to the wider organization.
Attend this session to learn about how we built a platform for data science using spark, hive, and druid specifically for our performance marketing division cognant.This platform powers several data science application like fraud detection and bid optimization at large scale.
We will be sharing lessons learned over past 3 years in building this platform by also walking through some of the actual data science applications built on top of this platform.
Attendees from ML engineering and data science background can gain deep insight from our experience of building this platform.


Pushkar Priyadarshi
Director Of Engineering
machine zone inc
Pushkar is leading data and ML engineering platform at Machine Zone.Platform powers performance marketing across 300+ channels.Previously he was leading development of low latency messaging platform for enterprise social collaboration at
Igor Yurinok
Staff Software Engineer
Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience. Specialized in building high load distributed platforms, data transformation platforms, machine learning platforms.