Data transformation and its impact on our digital transformation

Data transformation and its impact on our digital transformation

Wednesday, June 20
4:40 PM - 5:30 PM
Executive Ballroom 210C/G

This is an overview of how a 95 year old Retailer set out late to become a data driven retailer and the impact it had on the digital transformation of the organization. The objective of this presentation will outline the need for advanced Analytics and Real time reporting coupled with AI and Machine learning to find insights and action them in retail across our Supply Chain and Digital interfaces whether online or in-store.

The were business challenges in adoption, technical skills gap and then the culture around data and its interpretation.

5 min -Who is Canadian Tire?
10 min -What was our Data Landscape? (legacy and expensive, not being able to pivot on our business problems)
-Why did we need to change? (objectives)
10 min -Our approach (high-level design principles) Data products not reports!!
-Why was it transformational (merger or our data platforms and change in culture around Data Sciences and BI)
-Lessons Learned
Painful Debates and "To do Data Warehouse or Not."
Skill set vs talent (in-house vs external)
What's a business Vault?
15 min - So Far what was the impact on digital?
Atlas (Search on Digital)
Weather (Models on Promo and Assortment)
Master Customer Profile
5 min - Wrap up and Question Period


Giovanni Pizzoferrato
VP Data Technology
Canadian Tire Corporation
Gio is the Vice President of Data Technology at Canadian Tire Corporation. He brings with him 20 years of experience across different industries such as telecommunications, banking, and now retail. Currently, Gio oversees all of the Data Platforms and Technology Roadmaps at Canadian Tire Corporation and its family of companies. Gio is an innovative leader who is constantly striving to enhance our customers’ end-to-end experience. While he enjoys complex challenges, he also has a strong passion for using a variety of methodologies to transform his deliverables. Gio graduated from Delta College with a specialization in Network Engineering and holds a certificate of leadership experience from Banff Centre