Caterpillar’s move to the cloud: cutting edge tools for a cutting-edge business

Caterpillar’s move to the cloud: cutting edge tools for a cutting-edge business

Tuesday, June 19
11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
Meeting Room 230B

Telematics information has been flowing from our assets to Caterpillar via email, satellite, cell tower, and direct connect for over 20 years. Our systems have morphed from a single Unix box to the Azure cloud, from Oracle to Azure Table Storage to SQL Server to HBase/Phoenix, and from 10 to 500 messages a second. This presentation will track where we came from and, more specifically, our current system of Azure event hubs, Storm topologies, Phoenix backend, and streaming with Spark.

In this session, learn all about the Caterpillar journey, from where we came from to where we are today—including lessons learned along the way. This presentation is aimed at those wanting to understand the interrelationship between change, technology, and platform decisions. In addition, we will show how modern tools can dramatically reduce the complexity and time associated with IoT solution deployment. The Audience should leave the session feeling that anyone can do IoT. Current tools are easier, faster, and better than ever.

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Mark Juchems
Digital Technical Specialist
I began programming in high school after begging my folks to buy me an Atari 400. I wrote a stock market simulation program using a joystick for input and presented it at the Atari users group in Peoria, Illinois. I went to a junior college to learn programming and got stuck in a Cobol punch card class that I hated and jumped into Bible School. I was OK at being a youth pastor and loved speaking in public, but got a bit bored so I applied and got a job at Caterpillar. Three years in I solved the Y2K problems and finally landed a Java job. From there I wrote many corporate systems and was known for writing systems that never went down. I personally wrote the third-generation telematics system at Caterpillar on corporate hardware while begging to go to the cloud. Three years ago my requests became a reality when we started using the Azure cloud. We immediately started writing the fourth-generation telematics system at Caterpillar capable of processing messages from 2 million assets. Currently we are up to 500 messages per second and we are preparing for 10x that using technology that includes Storm, HBase, Phoenix, SqlServer, EventHubs and Spark.
Justin Rice