Bridging the GDPR “Trust Schism”: Turning the compliance burden to profits with open source tools

Bridging the GDPR “Trust Schism”: Turning the compliance burden to profits with open source tools

Wednesday, June 20
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Executive Ballroom 210A/E

GDPR is turning out to be one of the biggest disruptive forces to impact data security in business models across industries. Most businesses today are struggling to fathom the GDPR “trust schism”: the divide between the personalized experience that companies strive to deliver on the one side with their GDPR obligations which call for increased scrutiny and focus on data security and privacy of their customer’s personal data. Bridging this divide requires enterprises to build privacy into all of their data operations in the rapidly shifting data privacy landscape. In this talk, we will outline how the open source big data technology ecosystem can help enterprises turn the burden of compliance into business value. We will highlight how Accenture and Hortonworks are joining forces to harness open source technologies from Hadoop ecosystem to provide a robust solution to assess and remediate GDPR noncompliance risks and operationalize a compliance strategy. Using this approach customers can harness Accenture’s subject matter expertise with Hortonworks’ open source data management leadership with distributed discovery and automation of various aspects of GDPR compliance such as consent management, data subject rights management, and data inventory. The solution approach we will outline can help enterprises understand and minimize the personal data they hold across their data platforms, extract meaningful relationships between them, better organize the storage, and refine the data management processes across the data supply chain. Ultimately, enterprises can use the blueprint towards building a business culture where the respect and security of the data of people who entrust their sensitive information to them is paramount. This mindset of trust can give enterprises the competitive differentiation they need to turn GDPR compliance into profits.

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Srikanth Venkat
Senior Director, Product Management
Srikanth Venkat is currently responsible for Security & Governance portfolio of products at Hortonworks which include Apache Knox, Apache Ranger, Apache Atlas, Platform wide security and Hortonworks DataPlane Service. Prior to Hortonworks, Srikanth has held multiple roles in areas of cloud services, marketplaces, security, and business applications. His experience includes leadership across Product Management, Strategy and Operations, and Technical Architecture with broad experience in startups to global organizations including Telefonica,, Cisco-Webex, Proofpoint, Dataguise, Trilogy Software, and Hewlett-Packard. Srikanth holds a PhD in Engineering with a focus on Artificial Intelligence from University of Pittsburgh, and an MBA in General Management from Indiana University and a Masters in Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Srikanth is a Data Sciences & Machine Learning hobbyist and enjoys tinkering with Big Data technologies.
Jennifer Nicholson
Sr. Manager, Regulatory Compliance - Data Business Group
Jennifer Nicholson leads the GDPR offering for Accenture Technology's Data Business Group in North America. She works closely with colleagues and clients to develop sustainable regulatory compliance programs for robust data ecosystems. Prior to joining Accenture she had been helping clients comply with data privacy regulations without negatively impacting their bottom line for over 10 years. She has her J.D., but doesn't technically practice law.