Breaking the Silos: Storage for Analytics & AI

Breaking the Silos: Storage for Analytics & AI

Wednesday, June 20
11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
Executive Ballroom 210B/F

Data analytics, Spark, Hadoop and AI have become fundamental tools to drive digital transformation. A critical challenge is moving from isolated experiments to an organizational or enterprise production infrastructure. In this talk, we break apart the modern data analytics workflow to focus on the data challenges across different phases of the analytics and AI life cycle. By presenting a unified approach to data storage for AI and Analytics, organizations can reduce costs, modernize their data strategy and build a sustainable enterprise data lake. By anticipating how Hadoop, Spark, Tensorflow, Caffe and traditional analytics like SAS, HPC can share data, IT departments and data science practitioners can not only co-exist, but speed time to insight. We will present the tangible benefits of a Reference Architecture using real-world installations that span proprietary and open-source frameworks. Using intelligent software-defined shared storage, users are able to eliminate silos, reduce multiple data copies, and improve time to insight.

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Pallavi Galgali
Offering Manager
Pallavi Galgali is an Offering Manager at IBM and is responsible for IBM Spectrum Storage Suite bundled SDS offering and IBM Spectrum Scale Big Data Solutions. She has 14+ years of industry experience that includes software development, product/function delivery, offering management and people management. Her technical background is in the area of storage management and infrastructure for cloud & analytics. She has 2 patents and has also published articles and papers on technical topics.
Douglas O'Flaherty
Portfolio Product Manager
Douglas is came to IBM with a background that includes several start-ups, a few publicly traded companies and several open source projects. His focus has been on introducing new technology into the marketplace, including x86-64, online game rentals, Linux, and parallel-NFS. A graduate of Yale University in Physics and a former member of IASTE Local 1 and USA 829, he raised his family near Boston and hopes you don’t hold that against him. Douglas has lived on four continents; worked professionally in three. His only wish would be to speak fluently in something aside from English, but he still practices his Spanish whenever he can.