Big data at United Airlines

Wednesday, June 20
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Meeting Room 211A/B/C/D

United Airlines is leveraging big data at the enterprise level to help drive revenue, improve the customer experience, optimize operations, and support our employees in their day-to-day activities. At the center of our big data stack is Apache Hadoop, supported by many other emerging open source frameworks that must be integrated with the myriad of operational systems that support a 90-year-old transportation company with worldwide operations. In addition, learn how streaming data and streaming data analytics are helping to drive operational decisions in real time and how this is being architected to scale horizontally to take advantage of high availability and parallel processing. With the rapidly evolving Hadoop ecosystem, and so many new open source technologies at our disposal, the options for solving long-standing industry problems such as modeling how customers make decisions, making timely and meaningful real-time offers, and optimizing logistical operations have never been better.


Joe Olson
Senior Manager, Big Data Analytics
United Airlines
Joe Olson is senior manager of big data analytics at United Airlines, focusing on running a big data warehouse, and streaming data analytics. Prior to United Airlines, Joe worked at several start up companies in Chicago developing both big data and streaming data architectures, built around emerging open source frameworks.
Jonathan Ingalls
Sr. Solutions Engineer
Jon Ingalls is a Software Engineer with Hortonworks with almost 30 years of experience in various IT capacities including Consultant, Programmer, Quality Assurance/Tester, Software Developer, and Software Engineer. As a software engineer over the past 18 years, Jon has worked with several large and small software organizations including Oracle, Endeca, IBM, Cognos, and ParAccel, selling software for MPP Database, Business Intelligence, Search, and Data Discovery. Jon has been focused on the Big Data/Hadoop space since 2014 by bringing solutions to his customers’ real-world use cases leveraging several of the major Hadoop distributions including Hortonworks. Jon holds a B.S. in Computer Sciences from Northern Illinois University (1991).