Balancing data democratization with comprehensive information governance: building data citizenship across your data lakes

Balancing data democratization with comprehensive information governance: building data citizenship across your data lakes

Tuesday, June 19
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Meeting Room 230A

If information is the new oil, then governance is its “safety data sheet.” As demand for data as the raw material for competitive differentiation continues to rise in enterprises, enterprises are having bigger challenges identifying and valuing data and ensuring its appropriate use to extract the right information. In order for organizations to make effective business decisions, organizations need to have trust in their data so that they can impute the right value and use it for the right purposes while satisfying any organizational or regulatory mandates. A number of analytics and data science initiatives fail to reach their potential due to lack of an information governance framework in place. Robust information governance capabilities can help organizations develop trust in their data and empower them to make decisions confidently.

In this session Sanjeev Mohan, Research Analyst at Gartner, and Srikanth Venkat, Sr. Director of Product Management at Hortonworks, will walk you through an end-to-end architectural blueprint for information governance and best practices for helping organizations understand, secure, and govern diverse types of data in enterprise data lakes.

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Sanjeev Mohan
Research Analyst
Sanjeev Mohan is a Research Analyst for the Data Management Strategies group within the Gartner. He covers end-to-end data pipeline including ingestion, persistence, data transformation and advanced analytics. His research includes machine learning, IOT and data governance across the pipeline. research areas include storage infrastructure and architectures,
Srikanth Venkat
Senior Director, Product Management
Srikanth Venkat is currently responsible for Security & Governance portfolio of products at Hortonworks which include Apache Knox, Apache Ranger, Apache Atlas, Platform wide security and Hortonworks DataPlane Service. Prior to Hortonworks, Srikanth has held multiple roles in areas of cloud services, marketplaces, security, and business applications. His experience includes leadership across Product Management, Strategy and Operations, and Technical Architecture with broad experience in startups to global organizations including Telefonica,, Cisco-Webex, Proofpoint, Dataguise, Trilogy Software, and Hewlett-Packard. Srikanth holds a PhD in Engineering with a focus on Artificial Intelligence from University of Pittsburgh, and an MBA in General Management from Indiana University and a Masters in Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Srikanth is a Data Sciences & Machine Learning hobbyist and enjoys tinkering with Big Data technologies.