AI from your data lake: Using Solr for analytics

AI from your data lake: Using Solr for analytics

Wednesday, June 20
4:00 PM - 4:40 PM
Meeting Room 230A

Introductory technical session on Apache Solr's (HDP Search) artificial intelligence and machine learning features to discover relationships and insights across big data in the enterprise. Discussions will include how Solr performs graph traversal, anomaly detection, NLP and time-series analysis, and how you can display this data to users with easy-to-create dashboards.

This technical session will review Apache Solr’s streaming expressions, which were introduced in Solr 6.5. With over 100 expressions and evaluators, conditional logic, variables and data structures these functions form the basis of a new paradigm that brings many of the features from the relational world into search. These new capabilities form the basis of a powerful functional programming language that enables the implementation of many parallel computing use cases such as anomaly detection, streaming NLP, graph traversal and time-series analysis.

In order to discover and analyze big data, third party tools such as Jupyter, Tableau, and Lucidworks Insights will be reviewed.

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Cassandra Targett
Director of Engineering
Cassandra has 20 years experience in search and knowledge management. She has been a Lucene/Solr committer since 2013 and a member of the PMC since 2016. As Director of Engineering at Lucidworks, she manages Solr and open source development.
Marcelline Saunders
Director, Global Partner Enablement
Marcelline Saunders is Director, Global Partner Enablement at Lucidworks and has over 25 years of experience in information management including enterprise search, knowledge management, and e-discovery technologies for both on-premise and cloud solutions.  Marcelline recently held senior product management roles at Hitachi Data Systems where she was responsible for global search solutions and strategy.  Marcelline currently manages technical partner relationships at Lucidworks, the leader in open source and commercial search solutions.