Driving High Impact Business Outcomes from Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has entered a renaissance thanks to rapid progress in domains as diverse as self-driving cars, intelligent assistants, and game play. Underlying this progress is Deep Learning – driven by the explosion of digital data, hardware advances, and algorithmic breakthroughs. One of the biggest challenges for AI in the enterprise is that each company—even within the same industry—has unique problems. So, for the most part, businesses today need capabilities to engineer custom AI solutions to drive specific value and create strategic differentiation. Challenges abound in the area of strategy, technology, and talent. The information and opportunity for AI development, however, is out there. We’ll examine how deep neural networks are being used to drive business outcomes in the enterprise for fraud detection and industrial IoT.

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Peter MacKenzie
Director, Western Region Services
Peter MacKenzie is Teradata’s Services Director for Artificial Intelligence in America and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is responsible for the successful delivery of Artificial Intelligence projects in America. Previously, Peter was the Director of Services for Think Big Analytics where he led a number of Data Science and Big Data projects. Peter holds a BComm in Management Science and a Master’s in Computer science from McGill University, where he was also pursuing a PhD. He left the program and founded a startup based on his research in Distributive Computing.