Answer the Age-Old Question–Why is My Query Running Slow?

The promise of Apache Hadoop to businesses has been its ability to store and analyze big data at scale. Apache Hive has been an important part of that promise. With its SQL-like interface, Hive is extensively used by analysts to extract insights from big data. In this demo, we will answer the most frequently asked question raised by business analysts--why is my query running slow? We will walk you through how to optimize your query performance by quickly identifying resource-intensive queries and determining what part of your cluster is being utilized beyond its capacity. Learn how Data Analytics Studio can provide automatic recommendations and reports to business analysts and infrastructure administrators so that they can get the most out of Hive.

Keynote Video


Will Xu
Senior Product Manager
Product manager in the data analytics industry for more than 10 years, previously worked for Microsoft, Datadog and now product manager for Hive, Druid, HBase and Phoenix at Hortonworks