Redesigning Databases for Persistent Memory Technology

Persistent memory programming models are set to expand this year, as persistent memory technology becomes widely available across the data center industry. This presentation will discuss the new Intel® Optane™ persistent technology, and its impact on database design, including examples of specific HBase optimizations, which can result in better TPS for random read workloads.

Keynote Video


Jason Lamb
Cloud / Software Defined Infrastructure Technology Solutions Specialist
Jason’s role in Intel’s Data Center Group, (DCG), focuses on presenting to end users and Intel partners, current industry best practices and trends, in cloud computing. This includes best practices for developing overall cloud architectures and cloud management strategies, as well as designing data center modernization blueprints with software defined infrastructure projects, including software defined compute, storage, and network phases. Jason has over thirty years of enterprise data center infrastructure industry experience including positions with companies such as Hitachi Data Systems, Brocade Communications Systems, VERITAS Software, and Novell. Jason has published white papers, and articles, as well as developed and delivered presentations to audiences worldwide, on subjects such as cloud computing, cloud infrastructure orchestration, and enterprise compute, storage, and network infrastructure, architecture and design.