Transaction SQL on HBase : Apache Phoenix and Apache Tephra

In this talk, we will talk about how Transactional SQL support was added to Apache Phoenix using Apache Tephra. The combination of these two technologies provides ACID compliant transactions over HBase, making it easier to build enterprise grade data applications at scale with data consistency guarantees.

The talk will focus on examining the use-cases and need for Phoenix data operations to be transactional. We will also discuss how Tephra implements transactional semantics using Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC) with an overview of the transactional model of Tephra along with the combined architecture. We will conclude the talk by discussing some failure scenarios and present performance benchmark results for Phoenix operations with transactions.

Audience Take-away:
A general overview of how Apache Phoenix and Apache Tephra are integrated together to provide ACID compliant semantics on HBase to build transactional applications.
How combining these two technologies will provide transactional SQL semantics on HBase to build reliable OLTP applications in a wide variety of use cases.

Prerequisite Knowledge needed by attendees:


This session is a Technical (Advanced) talk in our Applications track. It focuses on Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Apache Phoenix, Other and is geared towards Architect, Developer / Engineer audiences.

Meet the speaker

Jonathan Gray