Code of Conduct

The DataWorks Summit has traditionally been a place where people can collaborate without harassment or otherwise being made to feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, issues have arisen at other technology conferences.Therefore, in order to ensure that the DataWorks Summit continues to be safe and enjoyable for everybody, we have adopted this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct applies to everybody participating at the DataWorks Summit, including attendees, speakers, exhibitors, organizers, volunteers and guests.


The following behaviors are not allowed at the Summit:

  • Intimidating, hostile or offensive language or behavior
  • Using sexual language or imagery in presentations, exhibits or other public areas
  • Inappropriate physical conduct
  • Unwelcome sexual attention including stalking and inappropriate remarks
  • Repeated or sustained disruptions to presentations or elsewhere
  • Using or Possessing Illegal substances
  • Destruction of property or vandalism
  • Lewd or offensive behavior or language, including sexually explicit language
  • Threats or intimidation

Event and facility staff may take any action that they believe is appropriate to keep the event safe and comfortable for everybody, up to expelling those who do not comply with this code of conduct, who break the facility’s rules or who engage in other inappropriate behavior. Depending on circumstances, the event and facility staff may refer matters to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

Participants who are removed from the Event for a violation, or suspected violation, of this Code of Conduct, will not be entitled to a refund.

If, at the event, you have been the victim of any of the behaviors listed above, have observed those behaviors or have witnessed other inappropriate behavior, then please report the circumstances to event staff as soon as possible.

This Code of Conduct is in addition to the facility’s rules. It can be changed at any time by Hortonworks, and this Code of Conduct does not create any new contractual rights for participants.