Women in Big Data: Taking on Top Data Trends in 2019


How has the landscape of Big Data transformed over the past few years? What are the most exciting trends in data and analytics that women and men business leaders need to be aware of?  What will fizzle out in the background? What skills are needed? How are different organizations using data science? Join us on Wednesday, March 20th at DataWorks Summit Barcelona for a luncheon panel discussion to learn more about the top data trends in 2019.

We are super excited about this panel which is featuring a lineup of four accomplished data professionals working in very different areas of big data, geographies, and industries:  

  • Hilary Mason is the GM for Machine Learning at Cloudera and founder of Fast Forward Labs. Learn more about her, here
  • Tina Rosario is a Chief Data Officer at SAP and a Head of Women in Big Data EMEA chapter. Connect with her on LinkedIn
  • Violeta Ciurel is a Chief Restructuring Officer for International Markets at AXA Group. Connect with her on LinkedIn
  • Ana Gillan is a Solutions Engineer at Cloudera. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Being a professional in technology comes with a lot of curiosity and innovation as well as the ability to work in a ground breaking field that is constantly changing and evolving. Good ideas are welcome from anyone. This panel is a unique opportunity for both men and women to ask questions and learn more about the most exciting trends and projects in Big Data. Join us for this fun, meaningful experience where you will leave inspired and ready to pursue your own projects and ideas. 

A Women in Big Data luncheon panel is hosted by DataWorks Summit and supported by the Women in Big Data , a national organization that promotes the diversity in technology.

If you are interested in participating, speaking at a future event or have suggestions for a moderator, please let us know! 


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