What to Expect from the IoT and Streaming Analytics track at DataWorks Summit Barcelona


We are hearing a lot about “the Edge”, but what does that really entail? Aljoscha Krettek joined us for a Q&A to discuss what you will find in the IoT and Streaming Analytics track at DataWorks Summit Barcelona. As track chair, he is part of the committee that helps shape the topics of discussion in the conference and keeps it filled with the most up-to-date information and technology.

Aljoscha Krettek
IoT and Streaming Analytics
Co-Founder and Software Engineer, data Artisans



What are the trends you are seeing in the industry related to IoT and Streaming Analytics? Why do you think those trends deserve attention right now?
There is more interest in edge-computing – think NiFi/MiNiFi – and IoT in general. There are also more use-base driven talks, as opposed to pure technology talks. I think this highlights the fact that there are more and more companies that use stream processing in production, and therefore there is more real-world experience to talk about.

What were you looking for in sessions when going through the selection process?
We were trying to go for a balance between technology talks and use-case talks. Hands-on experience from companies is usually most interesting, in my experience. In addition, we were trying to find a good mix between the different systems that are available.

What session are you most excited about from the IoT and Streaming Analytics track?
As a Flink PMC member I’m quite interested in this talk: Let’s Play Flink – Fun with Streaming in a Gaming Company. Also, the speaker is very good and does very engaging talks. Another one that I find very interesting is this one: Intelligently Collecting Data at the Edge – Intro to Apache MiNiFi. I personally don’t have much experience with NiFi/MiNiFi, but I think that edge computing is very important and will become more important for trying to deal with the ever-growing number of events that we need to process.

Why should someone attend DataWorks Summit Barcelona? In your experience, what can you get at this conference that you can’t get anywhere else?
I think you get a good mix of more business-oriented people and technology people. It’s interesting because you get the chance of talking face-to-face with the people that are working on these open-source systems that everyone is using.

View all of the IoT and Streaming Analytics sessions at DataWorks Summit Barcelona by visiting the agenda and sorting the filter by track.  

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