What to expect from the Big Compute and Storage track at DataWorks Summit Barcelona


In preparation for DataWorks Summit Barcelona, we connected with the session track chairs to get some insights into what they are expecting from the conference. The sessions at DWS go through a rigorous, community-led process to ensure that we only present the most interesting and up-to-date technology available. Read this Q&A with Niels Basjes, track chair for the Big Compute and Storage track, for a sneak peek into his selection process!

Niels Basjes
Lead IT Architect Scalable Solutions, bol.com
Track: Big Compute and Storage


What are the trends you are seeing in the industry related to Big Compute and Storage? Why do you think those trends deserve attention right now?

When I started doing ‘Big Data’ around 2006 the only available tools were batch oriented. About 6 years ago I predicted that the next step would be the transition towards much lower latency between the creation of data and the business use of it. This change toward of how the data moves has led to new ways of running applications and different needs in storing and retrieving it.


What were you looking for in sessions when going through the selection process?

Our main focus was towards creating an interesting mix of different talks. We made a selection of the talks to include new/rarely used systems and also talks that would be inspiring to show how far you can actually go today.


What session are you most excited about from the Big Compute and Storage track?

I’m really looking forward for the talk about the Hadoop {Submarine} project which is all about running deep learning jobs on Yarn. This is interesting to me because Deep Learning workloads are a new class of workloads that will be taking up the majority of the available compute power over the coming years.


Why should someone attend DataWorks Summit Barcelona? In your experience, what can you get at this conference that you can’t get anywhere else?

The DataWorks summit is a mixed focus conference. Both technical and non-technical people will find talks that will appeal to them.


View all of the Big Compute and Storage sessions at DataWorks Summit Barcelona by visiting the agenda and sorting the filter by track.

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