DataWorks Summit 2018 Berlin offers two content-heavy days of sit-and-listen sessions in eight tracks. You’ll hear from experts and from peers who are on the journey with you. But if your job is making the software work or applying these concepts, sometimes you need cut through theory and get hands-on. That’s why DataWorks Summit also offers Crash Courses—expert technical sessions on key topics where you get to drive.

Each Crash Course starts with a little listening time—45 minutes to an hour where the instructorintroduces the technology and explains the concepts you need to know. Then there’s a demo. Then it’s your turn in the driver’s seat. You’ll work through structured labs where you learn to set up the environment and apply the key features of the technology. And with instructors on hand, you can ask questions and get help when you need it.

There are four Crash Courses available:

Apache Nifi—Learn to automate the movement of data between any source and any destination with Apache NiFi. You’ll install and use NiFi to collect, conduct, and curate data-in-motion and data-at-rest. You’ll learn how to connect and consume streaming sensor data, filter and transform the data, and persist to multiple data sources.

Apache Spark—You’ll learn how to move data into HDFS using Spark APIs, create Apache Hive tables, explore the data with Spark DataFrames and Spark SQL, transform the data and then issue some SQL queries. You’ll see Spark, Spark SQL, Apache Hadoop HDFS, Apache Hadoop YARN, Apache ORC, and Apache Ambari User Views in action.

Data Science—Get your hands on machine learning. This Crash Course provides an introduction to basic machine learning techniques with Apache Spark ML using the cloud. You’ll learn how to analyze and structure the data, train machine learning models, and apply them to answer real-world questions using Apache Zeppelin and Spark.

Streaming Analytics—Learn to build a streaming analytics app without writing a line of code. You’ll use Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager (SAM) to connect, aggregate, and process real-time events and streaming sensor data.

You’ll walk away from all of the Crash Courses with a functioning environment you can continue to learn and build on. Here’s what else you need to know:

  • They’re free. Well, there’re included with your DataWorks Summit registration at no additional cost.
  • They’re first come first served. You can’t register in advance. And seating is limited, so show up early.
  • You’ve got to bring your own laptop. Check out the prerequisites for each Crash Course, because you may need VirtualBox installed or be able to run the Hortonworks Data Cloud.

For a quick start into the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, the DataWorks Summit Crash Courses are the way to go. You can get more details on Crash Courses on the Crash Course Web page. And if you haven’t yet registered for DataWorks Summit, it’s time to get with it. Crash Courses are just one of the great reasons to attend DataWorks Summit 2018 Berlin.

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