How Rabobank and Zurich Insurance are Leveraging Big Data Technologies


We’re a few weeks away from DataWorks Summit Barcelona (March 18-21)! We have a number of impressive speakers lined up for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and talks in the expo theater. These speakers include Jeroen Wolffensperger and Edwin Scheepstra from Rabobank, Jose Sánchez from Zurich Insurance, and Abhishek Sakhuja from Everis.


Rabobank is a worldwide food- and agri-bank from the Netherlands. The company wants to make a substantial contribution to welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands and to feeding the world sustainably. Rabobank Group operates through Rabobank and its subsidiaries in 40 countries. It is moving towards a digital world where it will offer new products and services to clients and optimize the operational process through Data Science and AI.

Jeroen and Edwin will be speaking about Rabobank’s journey from successfully launching business case to production and continually delivering business value. The company has designed a new enterprise data architecture, and is working on a data preparation model, self-service data access, and implementing a central data catalog. The presentation will explain how the company optimizes the value for customers through using big data technologies.

When asked about the value their session will bring to attendees, here’s what they had to say:

“The data lake at Rabobank is growing fast. We are looking forward to sharing the business cases we have been working on, and will share our maturity model towards an enterprise data lake and a data as a service organisation.”

Zurich Insurance

One of the world’s largest insurers, Zurich Insurance Group has been creating and fulfilling insurance products for more than 140 years. Commonly known as Zurich, and headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, the company operates both globally and locally, with around 55,000 employees serving customers’ needs in more than 170 countries.

Jose Sánchez and Abhishek Sakhuja will be speaking about Zurich’s experience leveraging the capability of Cloudbreak for deploying effective production clusters on HDP and HDF on Microsoft Azure. This highly scalable infrastructure solution has helped clients make faster business decisions and achieve economies of scale.

When asked about the value their session will bring to attendees, here’s what they had to say:

“We’re looking forward to sharing our experience of leveraging the capability of Cloudbreak for deploying effective production Hortonworks clusters on the MS Azure cloud. Our session will cover challenges, best practices, security measures and auto-scaling features for our deployment. Opportunities like DataWorks play a key role in centralizing the latest tech development communication, which helps a business enhance its technology stacks based on learning and knowledge sharing.”

Be sure to check out all the presentations in the breakout sessions and the expo theater to learn more about how data is helping transform businesses around the world. These sessions will surely be ones that you won’t want to miss!

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