Hortonworks Training – An Educational Experience You Don’t Want to Miss


Guest blog written by Laurent Weichberger, Big Data Bear, Hortonworks


The technical training provided by Hortonworks is an educational experience. Whether the topic is Apache Metron facilitated by Mark Kiser, Hortonworks Data Flow with Apache NiFi taught by Lester Martin, Will Dailey providing Big Development with Hive and Spark, or Advanced Data Science with Apache Spark taught by Alex Combs, Francois Reynald, Damien Edwards and Laurent Weichberger, Hortonworks consistently enables technical professionals worldwide to enhance their careers. Our roster of technical instructors consists of some of the finest talent in the IT industry, including published authors, consultants, and software engineers of the highest caliber.

Join us at DataWorks Summit San Jose for two days of pre-event training. The sessions rely heavily upon hands on lab exercises and are light on lectures to make them even more practical. They are ideal for engineers, developers, or data scientists who want to gain an understanding of the most current Open Source software.

Need more convincing? Consider that in the past year alone, among other projects, our training team has helped manifest the following projects:

  1. For a government research organization (think tank) a Spark streaming application which works with Twitter to capture tweets in specific languages.
  2. For a media company, a Spark utility which masks unencrypted PID data at rest.
  3. For an insurance company a Spark utility which migrates mainframe data to apache Hive.
  4. For a media company, we helped migrate an existing (slow) Python application to PySpark, increasing the analysis time to insight by twenty-five times.
  5. For an insurance company which relied on third party vendor software, we helped implement a seminal Geo-Location Engine using Spark, Hive and US Census data.
  6. For an international food provider, we helped create store level forecasting using Spark Machine Learning, and much more.

When you are ready for the Big Data educational experience, let us help you. We have seven training courses at DataWorks Summit San Jose to interest you in:

  1. Apache Hadoop Ecosystem Full Stack Architecture
  2. Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras
  3. Apache Spark 2 for Data Engineers
  4. Stream Applications with Apache NiFi, Kafka, Storm & SAM
  5. Security with Apache Ranger
  6. Data Flow Management with Apache NiFi
  7. Apache Hadoop Administration with Ambari

Go here to get more information regarding the pre-event training at DataWorks Summit San Jose. We hope to see you there!

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