DataWorks Summit 2019 Barcelona – Industry Spotlight: Financial Services


Big data sits at the epicenter of business strategy and digital transformation as the most valuable digital asset in the eyes of the enterprise. The job of creating a secure, modern data architecture in a hybrid world that extends to the network’s edge is of the highest priority on the enterprise agenda. Today almost any enterprise using data for decision-making is urgently reassessing its data architecture.  

Whether you’re focused on consumer or commercial banking, wealth management or capital markets, or all of the above, it’s all about relationships. You’ve got to find, secure, and deepen relationships while lowering risk and assuring compliance. Make your customers feel you know them. Connect with them in the channel they are most comfortable with: mobile, online, phone, or branch agent.

DataWorks Summit this year delivers sessions bridging the most important issues shaping how the enterprise manages, analyzes, secures and governs data – including insight into innovations supporting cloud strategies, advanced analytics, containerization, machine learning and AI, and streaming data and analytics. If you are seeking to improve customer retention and profitability, improve regulatory compliance , reduce fraud and risk exposure and modernize enterprise analytics, be sure to check out the Financial Services focused sessions at DataWorks Summit Barcelona.

We’ll walk through real world use cases with Banco Santander and ING Bank who will talk about how they’ve been able to reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction.

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