Community Mega Meetup @ Barcelona


The Community team is thrilled to announce our upcoming Community Mega Meetup starting at 6pm on Tuesday, March 19 at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB) to kick off DataWorks Summit.

We will be hosting a total of 5 meetup groups for the event: Business Intelligence, Big Data & Advanced Analytics; Apache Flink en Madrid; Barcelona Spark Meetup; Future of Data: Barcelona; and Future of Data: ViennaTopics will cover machine learning, cybersecurity, data in motion (the Edge to AI), and the latest in Apache Hadoop and Apache Flink.

Space is limited so we encourage you to RSVP in advance! Please register via each individual meetup link to join. You don’t have to be registered for DataWorks Summit to attend the meetups – everyone is welcome to come! And if you would like to attend the conference, we are offering meetup attendees a discount of 20% on a full conference pass. Please use code: MEETUP20

Community Mega Meetup Topics

Maximizing Development Efficiency in Hadoop Clusters – REGISTER  
This meetup will cover a number of tools that ease data ingestion, engineering and analytics that are especially engineered for Big Data platforms. Most of them decrease the need of extensive coding and provide easy-to-use development and interfaces.

Developing a Robust Streaming Processing System with Apache Flink – REGISTER
This will provide a hands-on introduction on how to develop streaming systems using Apache Flink. You do not need previous knowledge on Big Data Technologies, just Java/Scala skills.

How to Contribute to Spark 3.0 with Holden Karau – REGISTER
Join us for an exciting preview of Holden’s talk at DataWorks Summit, hosted by the Barcelona Spark meetup group.

Introduction to Cloudera Data In Motion, Edge to AI – REGISTER
Get the deep dive on the Edge to AI, NiFi K8 elastic scaling, NiFi in production, and collecting data at the Edge.

Doing Open Source Cybersecurity – REGISTER
This session will provide a practical introduction into Apache Metron and its related frameworks for people interested in cybersecurity or data professionals working in cybersecurity. There will be an exciting demo about how to tackle modern cybersecurity problems.

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